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From the "Nutley Papers" (also by James Billings) Offenbach keeps his friend supplied.

AGAIN from the "Nutley Papers" by the Billings. At Oktoberfest in Munich the new beer is poured over an oaken bench. Papa Haydn sits on the bench until the beer dries. If it sticks to his Lederhosen when he gets up, the beer is ready. (or, it is said, so say the Müncheners)

The ever irascible Beethoven and his hearing aid/iPod.

Illustrations from a projected " children's" book, based on the one act opera for children The Daughter of the Double Duke of Dingle by Alman and Billings.

The young and future wizard hits the books.

The bad tempered daughter, Anathema, in a fit of pique, runs down to the dungeons to torture puppies.

A beggar prince Patch, woos Anathema while the villanous Gnogre (the diabolus ex macchina) eavesdrops.

Tree of Life. A mural painted by Ethel Green 12'-0" by 8'-0". In the JCC on the Palisades in Tenafly, NJ. Available as a note card.

A few paintings and drawings by Eugene Green. A monument


Fallen Colossus

Robert Bolton, designer, artist and great profile.

Sleeping son Frederic

Bach, done six feet high for a CBS special.


Some Portraits and paintings by Ethel Green

A few done for ABC TV (soap operas)

and for others




Eagle Nebula



Ethel does portraits based on old photos.

This one too

and landscapes and still lifes.

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