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Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Visitors,
It is with profound sadness that we inform you that Eugene Green passed away on May 16, 2011 in the company of his family. He leaves behind a legacy that is represented in small part on this website, which will be maintained for the indefinite future.

Ethel Green is a portrait painter, scenic artist/designer, fabric designer and costume designer. She is a graduate of New York's prestigeous Cooper Union and has studied design at Columbia University and has long been an all categories member of United Scenic Artists, local 829. Her stage design talents have been used to create scenery (and at times, costumes) for the Lake George Opera, Brooklyn Lyric opera, North Shore Friends of Opera, Bronx Opera, After Dinner Opera, NBC TV, and off Broadway productions. She has been a scenic artist with the Metropolitan Opera, Kansas City Lyric, ABC TV (where she has done many portraits) and CBS TV. While at those occupations she has also found time to paint murals, portraits and landscapes and is currently preparing another exhibition of her paintings.

Eugene Green, commonly called Gene or Gino, is a painter, graphic artist, Heldenbariton, bass-baritone, scenic artist (like Ethel, an 829 member) and caricaturist. He has sung with most of the major and many of the minor opera companies in the U.S., Europe, Canada, Central and South America. Some of the majors include Chicago Lyric, San Francisco Opera, Metropolitan Opera National Company, Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Kansas City Lyric, Canadian Opera Company and yet others. He was the Cantor at Temple Beth Emeth in Brooklyn until, during a thyroid operation, the nerve to his left vocal fold was severed, paralysing that chord. That was at age 77. Before his opera career he was a designer of exhibits and graphics for IBM, Remington Rand (as it was then) among many. His graphics have been used as logos and brochures for various opera companies, and by James Billings in many humorous and satiric enterprises. At present, he is doing title pages for Nico Castel's collections of phonetically transliterated and translated libretti. Many of the images shown in these pages have been or will be published in those volumes,black and white, in but here you will see them in color.

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